Stanford Current + (STAC+)

This account is uniquely designed to satisfy the needs and status of highly placed individuals. It comes with a VISA card, internet and mobile banking. It is a current account with a difference. It accords you the opportunity to manage your funds without paying transaction charges such as COT monthly having maintained a minimum balance on the account. Maximum of three withdrawals in a moth after which system default COT applies at prevailing rate, free issuance of initial cheque book, internet and mobile banking and debit card issuance. Minimum balance is N150, 000.

Stanford Corporate/Current Account (STACA)

This is a current account for companies and individuals. This account provides you with unlimited access to your money at all times. You can manage your business, execute your payments and even receive your salary into this account. Features include zero minimum balance, no COT, funds transfer to all commercial banks, internal transfers free of charge, free statement of account on request, transparent and speedy transactions. Minimum balance for current is N5,000 while that of corporate account is N10,000.


Stanford Welfare Account (STEWA)

This is a specialized savings account for salary earners including those of local government, teachers, civil servants, public servants, and the organized private sector workers as well as retired workers.

Stanford Savings Account (STASA)

This is savings account that enable customers develop savings culture to meet present and future day to day cash needs.


Stanford Savings + (STA+):

This is a hybrid account designed to serve micro, small and medium sized businesses. It is an account with the benefits of a current account which allows for account holders to access credit from the bank based on turnover. The focus is to encourage SMEs and individuals who want to grow their income. Individuals can operate this account at no cost. The features include zero COT, Opening Balance of N150,000, Minimum balance of 100,000, very attractive interest rate, maximum withdrawal of twice a month, cash pick up at customer’s location, acceptance of dividend warrant/manager’s cheque/cheque, free business advisory, third party payment allowed, customized ATM card, etc.

Stanford Group Life Account (STAGLA)

This is a special products designed for clubs and associations who wish to operate an account in their respective names. The aim is to help these groups manage their financial records especially while ensuring transparency. It is available for those interested to operate a joint account.


Stanford Yuletide Extra Account (STAYEA)

This is a specialized account with target of meeting the financial needs of customers during Christmas periods. The essence is to allow customers spread the burden of Xmas and give value to small sums. With periodic lodgments, you can build your Xmas expense account and make use of them in December. Withdrawals are allowed only during December.

Stanford Enterprise Account (SEA)

This is account for small scale businesses, farmers, traders and artisans. Its aim is to promote entrepreneurship and starting of small businesses.


Stanford Royal Kiddies Account (STARKA)

Is account for children with the age of 0-18 years. Encourages savings at young age and ease parents of stress of sponsoring their children’s education. With a minimum of N5000 monthly, the child is taught the savings culture and how to prepare for the future.

Minimum account opening balance is N5000
Minimum operating balance is N2000
Flexible Deposit Options
Payment of Dividends Warrant
2% higher than the savings account interest rate
Qualification to attend Royal kiddies End of Year Party
Branded gifts at birthdays
Top Savers get instant gifts

Stanford Invest Money (SIM)

This is a fixed term deposit designed for those at the grass root level. Its aim is to ensure the creation of more wealth by ensuring that your money works for you. This investment comes in categories such as N20, 000, N25, 000, N50, 000, N100, 000, N150, 000, N200, 000, N500, 000 with a minimum tenor of 90 days and a competitive interest yield. Stanford Invest Money has term deposit for High Net worth customers designed to provide a highly rewarding interest with guaranteed returns on investment and much more. It comes in different packages of 40 million and above, 20-40 million, 10-20million, 5-10 million, 1-5 million and 500k-1million, etc. Features include stable interest rate throughout duration of the term, provide avenue for investment of idle funds, assurance of safety of deposits and can be used as security for loans.


Stanford Daily Contribution

This is a special account that encourages petty traders to save a specified amount of money on a daily basis for 30 days. This will be given to them on a monthly basis.

Stanford Educational Endowment Account (SEEA)

This is a customized account designed for parents, guardians and those planning to enroll in institutions of learning. It allows operators make regular savings in respect of their children, wards or personal educational projects. This account help to space the burden of school fees over time and enhances uninterrupted children education. Assists parents/guardians to build reasonable capital base for children education.

Stanford Easy Life (STEL)

This product is geared towards assisting individuals to purchase assets like household items,tricycle,cars.etc.Beneficiary pays 30% equity contribution, the item is purchased in the name bank’s name and ownership transferred after loan is fully liquidated.


Duly completed account opening forms
2 recent passport size photograph
Current utility bill
Valid Means of Identity (National ID card, Drivers License, voters Card and International Passport, etc)



Agriculture Loan
As the mainstay of the Nigerian economy fundamental to socio-economic growth of our economy, Stanford MFB has designed a special package for individuals, group or corporate farmers to finance their agricultural activities.

Small Business Loan
This is loan designed to meet the capital needs of small and medium scale enterprises that require more funds for expansion.

Access to funds for business expansion
Training on basic financial management, business planning and customer relations.

Stanford Empowerment Access Loan Scheme (SEALS)
This is a loan package designed to help clients purchase assets such as generators, refrigerator, grinding machines, etc to further enhance their enterprise. The product allows customer to pay only a small portion of the cost of items at the time of acquisition. The bank pays for the remaining balance while the customer is allowed to make payment over a period of time between 12 to 24 months. Interest rates are negotiable and competitive. 30 percent equity contribution, proforma invoice of items to be purchased is needed.

Stanford Happy Home
This products assists our customers acquire home appliances of their choice with ease while paying back gradually. This product enables account holders meet up their target acquisition of assets of choice. Once savings is up to 70% of the total value of the items, the customer is eligible to apply for the remaining 30% from the bank to allow for item acquisition.

Stanford Overdraft
This is an individual loan product aimed at assisting clients meet business and household emergencies. This enables clients have quick and easy access to solve immediate challenges at a very low interest. It increases customer’s ability to carry out business with enhanced financial muscles, improved capital buoyancy and liquidity.

Stanford Salary Advance
This product is aimed at offering loan to salary earners in public and private sector in the form of an advance against their salary. This is to assist them meet immediate and pressing needs.

Application Letter
Duly completed application Form
2 Guarantors
2 recent passport size photographs
Current Utility bill
Valid Means of Identity (National ID card, Drivers License, voters Card and International Passport, etc)

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